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  Photo chromatic Lenses These are colored lenses that change their level of darkness in response to the surrounding brightness. Though lens color has no bearing on the UV protection particular color lenses work better in certain situations. For example, yellow lenses for target shooting and brown lenses for golf players as these provide a better and clearer view thus enhancing vision for the related sports.
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  I was born with the bargain bug, because I can spend hours at a single store. Of course, I look through all sizes   from XS to XXL  in the event of a misplaced or purposely hidden steal. Borderline crazy? Possibly.
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  Little Anja was adorable in a full pink ballet outfit complete with a tutu. Happy: Alessandra and her daughter looked happy as they made their way to the youngster's dance recital on Tuesday
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  Even if you are wearing a large hat but are out in the sun, you need sunglasses because UV radiation can be reflected by the water, road, sandy beaches, car windshield glass, etc. Snow and windshield glass can throw back almost double the intensity of UV rays.
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  Silver Lake could be considered part of the Echo Park. Silver Lake is west adjacent to Echo Park. Both areas seem to share the same fashion statement for men. Starting at the top may be a mop of unkempt greasy look hair or a knit cap to hide the same. A two to four day growth of facial hair says "I never got around to shaving," but no real beards are allowed.
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  Yoga, swimming, beach runs and bike rides were all on the plan, which claims participants can lose between seven and twelve pounds in just one week. Starry eyed: Lauren is ecstatic about her weight loss after a visit to Breakfree Retreats in Majorca
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